Real-time Visibility

Complete Flexibility

Secure Accessibility

 “We aim to simplify transaction processing for cash and assets as well as speed up and simplify regulatory and internal portfolio valuation reporting. I am proud when our insurer clients, especially Life companies, tell us that Gresham’s Clareti Multi-Bank platform and expert support team have enabled them to achieve just that.”

Phil Boland - Managing Director, Gresham Cash Management Solutions

Real-Time Control and Visibility

For the subscriber insurer requiring immediate access to payments and statements information, Multi-Bank provides a powerful dashboard:

    • Real-time cash and securities positions can be viewed from any grouping or perspective (by client, bank, account, country, portfolio etc), through a one-stop shop portal for all banking relationships
    • Cash positions and asset valuations are updated in real-time via automated upload of cash statements and statements of holdings from banks
    • Outgoing payments and orders can be controlled, with options for manual authorisation and different levels of user authority. The full lifecycle of the payment, from initiation by an insurer's internal system through to confirmation of execution by the bank, is shown in real-time.
    • And with Multi-Bank, the accuracy of information is guaranteed up-to-date, with real-time alerts when transactions fail or the latest statements are missing.

Secure Access Anywhere

Access to the Multi-Bank dashboard and payments control functions is via the secure Real-Time Console portal, which can be viewed from most devices, including laptop's, tablet's and Smartphones (Android or iPhones). Log in is secure, using an app to generate one-time entry codes that lapse after a short period of time.

Access to the International Banking Community

Multi-Bank is linked to a wide community of banks around the world for assets, payments and statements processing. For insurers wishing to pay out in different countries, Multi-Bank can adapt and route payments to different in country clearing systems (e.g. BACS, CHAPS or Faster Payments in the UK).

Supporting your Open Architecture

Subscribing to Multi-Bank means and insurer can rapidly on-board a new client that requires a new banking relationship. Where a bank is not currently linked, such is the power and flexibility of Multi-Bank that new banks can be on-boarded quickly and easily, regardless of the bank's required connectivity mechanism and message formats.

Complete flexibility

Multi-Bank can also accommodate any message format transformation (e.g. mapping from SWIFT MT or 1SO20022 into the subscriber corporate's internal format). Connectivity with Multi-Bank be via any mechanism, from SWIFT, host-to-host file based exchanges, or using non-structured data such as PDF's. For the latter,Gresham also provides a Multi-Media Gateway, which automatically converts non-standard document formats to and from any data file format (for example a PDF into an MT940 structure). Multi-Bank operates seamlessly with any Life platform or other system (including an insurer's in-house built platforms). Automated or scheduled up-loads of report and transaction data into your internal Life or other system can be easily configured according to your business needs.

Easy to subscribe to, easy to use

Multi-Bank requires minimal IT effort by the subscriber, being a fully hosted service running at secure, hi-availability data centres. Our concept of 'total support' gives subscribers peace of mind, with a dedicated multi-lingual team of business and technical experts on-hand at every stage of implementation and beyond, managing banking integration on behalf of the subscriber and advising on optimal usage of Multi-Bank to streamline Wealth management message processing and reporting functions.