Under the hood_Real Time Consul

A single console for everything you need

Through a single sign-on and secure multi-factor authentication process the console provides real-time access to all bank statements, activity and balances. Highly configurable this can be accessed by bank, entity, geography currency or split as required. You have access to both end of day and intra-day activity, with the additional ability to set up sweeps to target excess liquidity. The sophisticated technology has warning “alerts built-in for when a bank fails to update its statement entries into the portal which can alert the client or generate a “chaser” to the bank.


All your activity, in your preferred format

Our real-time console is the visualisation of our treasury integration allowing an end-user to see all their bank’s activity online and in a preferred format. Powerful sweeping and pooling tools can also be added to enhance the functionality. This is a tried and tested module that enables the client to securely access all their banking and payment information group-wide, irrespective of location and through a single portal.

Our wide range of bank’s that are already integrated into this service ensures that implementation is tried, tested and time-to-market is significantly reduced. The portal is a CMS and effectively concentrates on bank statement information and cash management flows through a real-time environment. It can be easily integrated with the broader client environment (Treasury Management Systems, Enterprise Accounting Systems or other source data proprietary systems) thus providing a truly integrated solution

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