Under the hood_Payments

End-to-end visibility and control

Through the payments processor a Client can effect all outgoing payments through a single controlled environment with options for manual authorisation and different levels of user authority. The full lifecycle of the payment, from initiation by an ERP or TMS through to confirmation of execution by the bank, can be seen in real-time. In addition, with Multi-Bank, the accuracy of balance information is guaranteed, with real-time alerts when statements or intra-day messages are missing. Access to the Multi-Bank dashboard and payments control functions is via the Real-Time Console portal, which can be viewed from most devices, including laptop's, tablet's and Smartphones (Android or iOS).

Payments can be sent in a secure rich file format from payment data source-typically Enterprise Accounting System or TMS system. Payments can be generated in Host to Host secure file-format and can but do not necessarily have to be in SWIFT format.

Our experience and track-record ensure that project resources and heavy lifting is our responsibility and is minimised. The time-to-market conclusion of such a project is radically reduced and provides our Clients with the confidence of both a future-proofed secure payment initiation structure and a file format agnostic structure.

The life-cycle of the payment can be tracked at all stages through our real-time consul. All data passes through our highly secure and tested dual data centres which have been rigorously tested both for security and volume processing.

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