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Review and monitor your statement activity in real-time

Clareti Multi-Bank provides a powerful configurable rules engine enabling configuration of complex cash management logic such as cash management across accounts, banks entities and geographies. Our real-time reporting consul ensures that working capital can be proactively managed with timed activities at critical points, such as close to cut-off. This ensures maximum use of liquidity and investment opportunities and reduced borrowing/overdraft situations. Accounts can be automatically set to fund/defund as required.

Real-time, throughout the day

Intra-day positions are updated in real-time, with incoming credit and debits providing a forecast for the day's closing balance and free cash visibility. A powerful rules engine enables configuration of complex business logic such as cash pooling and sweeping across accounts and banks. Sweeps and pools can be across Group, by subsidiaries and across both banks and geographies with sophisticated rules for managing surplus or deficit cash positions. Coupled with real-time cash positions this provides a very effective global liquidity management tool. Clients can initiate instructions and configure rules safe in the knowledge that with Multi-Bank, the accuracy of balance information is guaranteed, with real-time alerts when statements or intra-day messages are missing.

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