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Review and monitor your statement activity in real-time

The statement processor facilitates the upload of bank statement activity which can be reviewed and monitored through our real-time consul. Banks worldwide typically provide statement information via SWIFT MT940/50/42/535/536900/910 -providing both end of day and intra-day cash management activity. The system intelligently checks to ensure statements sent are current an initiate’s client warnings and bank chasers as appropriate.

Real-time cash positions can be viewed from any grouping or perspective (by bank, account, country, subsidiary etc), streamlining cash management efficiency for any size of company, from a single entity with one bank to a multi-national with numerous subsidiaries and banking relationships around the world. Intra-day positions are updated in real-time, with incoming credit and debits providing a forecast for the day's closing balance and free cash visibility.

A powerful rules engine

A powerful rules engine enables configuration of complex business logic such as cash pooling and sweeping across accounts and banks. With Multi-Bank, the accuracy of balance information is guaranteed, with real-time alerts when statements or intra-day messages are missing. Access to the Multi-Bank dashboard and payments control functions is via the secure Real-Time Console portal, which can be viewed from most devices, including laptop's, tablet's and Smartphones (Android or iOS).

Part of the community

Multi-Bank Statements Processor is linked to a wide community of banks around the world for payments and statements processing. Where a bank is not currently linked, such is the power and flexibility of Multi-Bank that new banks can be on-boarded quickly and easily, regardless of the bank's required connectivity mechanism and message formats. Multi-Bank can also accommodate any message format transformation (e.g. mapping from SWIFT MT or 1S020022 into the subscriber corporate's internal format). Connectivity with Multi-Bank be via any mechanism, from SWIFT, host-to-host file-based exchanges, or using non-structured data such as PDF's. Multi-Bank operates seamlessly with any TMS, ERP or other accounting or treasury system (including a corporate's in-house built platforms). Multi-Bank requires minimal IT effort by the subscriber, being a fully hosted service running at our secure, hi-availability data centres.

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