Expert Advisory Services

Rapid client on-boarding

Flexible host-to-host management

 “Today's corporate clients require rapid and flexible automated cash and treasury integration with their banks. Gresham has demonstrated that its platform can deliver just that, enabling BNP clients to easily automate payments and statement processing via direct communication between the client's own systems and the BNP Paribas banking system, all without the need for complex IT change.”

David Chatelet, Global Channels - Product Advisory, BNP Paribas



World-Class automated corporate client channel processing

Building on our two decades of experience and the industry proven Clareti Multi-Bank platform, we have developed a suite of software products suited to transaction banks wishing to provide host-to-host services to their corporate clients.

Flexible, Agile, Rapid on-boarding

• Connect to the bank using any mechanism.
• Works alongside the banks' existing channels
• Effective for banks wishing to on-board clients using non-standard mechanisms other atypical workflow that the banks' own payments file gateway cannot provide.
•A powerful portal enabling various processes such as manual authorisation of payments
• Flexibility to support multiple message:

o Standards (e.g. 1SO20022, PAYMUL, EDIFACT etc)
o Protocols (e.g. EBICS, SFTP, SWIFT, AS2...).

• Adaptor modules available to support:

o In-Country Clearing Systems (e.g. UK, covering BACS, CHAPS, and Faster payments)
o Various third-party banking systems, for automated integration with the banks' core platforms
o ERP Systems, for automated integration with a number of third party ERP packages.
o TMS Systems, for automated integration with a number of third party TMS packages.


Single point of payments execution control

For multi-national banks running multiple core banking systems:

• Secure integration with any core banking or order management system
• Handles complex business flows (e.g. suspense accounts)
• Robust, very high volume transaction and statements processing.

Gresham's expertise is also on hand. Through our Expert Advisory Services we provide banks with consultative assistance for cash management process improvement, standards implementation and scarce-to-find specialist business analysis.